Friday, November 21, 2008


There Are 1 Gaps in Your Knowledge

Where you have gaps in your knowledge:


Where you don't have gaps in your knowledge:







Do You Have Gaps in Your Knowledge?

I have one gaps.

Oddly enough, in the very discipline in which I am majoring, though I think my poor scoring is due less to a lack of visual arts knowledge and more to a lack of cinematographic knowledge.

On a slightly tangential note, I went to see Beauty and the Beast at Limestone College this evening. Overall it was an enjoyable performance, though there were many little things that picked poorly at my brain. My theatre teacher gets to read all about that come next week.
Tomorrow night I see the Mikado here on campus, and I'll probably go again on Sunday so that I have a better chance of seeing both casts. I'm looking forward to it.

I get to go home next Tuesday! Not much should transpire between now and then, and I really hope the time flies fast.

Au revoir,
~Brilliance and Light

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I have POT (s)!!!!

Not the psychoactive drug, CERAMICS!!!! (which are much better, IMHO).
And if I can get my computer to cooperate, you will have full-color pictures of what work of mine has come out of the glaze kiln.

This is my pitcher, in very poor light (unfortunately the only type I have, so the colors on these are rather washed-out on all the pots). The glaze on the top is Bauer Clear, and the bottom is True Blue, which crawled a lot on the bottom. It looks nifty:This is my baby. This is an extra credit project from an idea that came to me while reading a fanfic. My cababbage baby has taken on a life of its own and taken over my mind, and I'm currently working on 3 other pieces using the cabbage theme that will go with the teapot, 2 of which actually fulfill a project requirement (salt and pepper shakers). It is a functional piece, and hold about 3.5 cups of water. The glaze is Mauve all over, including the interior, and it broke wonderfully over the surface to give a range from almost white-green thru sage to a reddish-purple. My baby, and it's definitely going into my BFA evaluation next year.

These are my two reverse-glazed matching cups. The light, as I said, is REALLY poor, but the cup sitting up has Bauer Clear over the body and interior and Celadon on the handle, and the one I'm holding has the reverse. There's a little cube in the bottom of the Celadon-bodied cup, a fortuitous accident that came from playing around in the studio when Mum came one day.
Both glazes crackled, and look really cool.

I'm currently working on some more cups, and would like to continue in this series, though getting the foot on this style to behave was a bugger and has killed 2 other attempts.

MINIMINIMINI!!!! *cough* erm, I'm good now.
This is the model for my large pitcher, and one of the first pinch pots I made (actually, I think it was the first). Both have Iron Blue on the outside/bottom, and the mini has Bauer Clear on the top and inside (yeah, I used a lot of Bauer Clear. It is calm and neutral enough to go very well with a lot of things). The glaze on the inside of the pinch pot is allegedly Rhodes White, but someone had added red iron oxide to it in mixing, so it's not the color on the sample. I still really like it; it has a certain 'sandy' look to it, and it's not as high a gloss as a lot of the other

Here are two pots, one of which APARENTLY reveals very Freudian insights to my subconscious. The first thing Monkey's Big Sis said when she saw it was, "Oh my gawd, it's a vagina!" And then she proceeded to rant about the vagina pot for rather a while. I thought it was just her, and that she was stuck on vaginas since she accidentally signed "eating vagina" in ASL in an improv show last year when she meant "eating pizza." Another said it looked like a lemon, but I asked yet another friend of mine tonight (a student in the program for students over 24, who's been a good friend since I arrived), and all she did was close her eyes tightly and tell me I really shouldn't ask a lesbian. Well, phoo. The outside of the 'vagina-pot' is the screwy Rhodes White, and the inside is Tessha (which looks really cool while you stir it!). The flowery pinch pot is True Blue on the inside, Bauer Clear on the outside. The cobalt in the True Blue on either this piece or another nearby floated onto the outside, so the Bauer Clear has an interesting bluish tint, especially on one side.

The best part of all of this? I get a GRADE to do this! I get graded on having fun, learning how to do even more fun and imaginative stuff, experimenting with color and forms...and if everybody has a different answer, they can still all be right!!! This is awesome!
Clay is my crack.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Haunted House

Ally and Palmetto Players had their annual Haunted House on Halloween night, and this year I actually got to participate. The theme was "A Very Grimm Halloween," using the original stories from the brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. You know, the ones where the queen doesn't get insider info on Rumpelstiltskin, and he ends up killing her and taking the baby; or where Prince Eric is a fickle, weak-willed cad who falls for Ursula and dumps Ariel, who promptly died and turns into sea foam; or in my room, where the wicked, myopic witch really does eat the children who were stupid enough to trust a stranger who lived in a confectionary. That was fun.
Anyway, ignoring the scrambling confusion to find 2 people for my room who qualified as members of at least one of the clubs, the day itself was an exercise in frantic-ness. The Haunted House is set up in the Alumnae House, across the street from the school. We needed to get cardboard to make an oven big enough to shove 2 people into. Also, the room to which we were assigned was a bathroom. Small in the first place, but downright claustrophobic when you shove 10 people PLUS the three of us in there. (Most groups weren't that big, but there were some that made doing much more than standing in one spot difficult). We finally scrounged the cardboard day-of, then assembled the oven over the tub.
My scissors got commandeered to cut yarn, then something else, and now 2 weeks later I have no idea where or with whom they are.
Our room, as I said, was small, and the frequency of the groups dictated that we had to know cues from the room before us to set up our own act. The room also had in it a heater we could not turn off, and a window we could not open. Once we got the cues from the Ariel room right before us down fairly well, we spent most of our time in the large bedroom after us, hanging our the window and gulping cold air.
One group in particular left a vivid impression. If, once I had shoved 'Hansel' and 'Gretel' into the oven, the crowd didn't move along quickly enough, I would 'invite' them in to be cooked as well. That usually moved them along, with the direction of one of Monkey's Big Sisses who led the groups; however...
One guy took me up on it. I was getting tipsy from his breath.
He didn't climb all the way into the oven, though (thankfully). I think he would have brought it down on us. As it was we had to tape it back together after every go-through.

It was an exhausting, frantic, tiresome, exhilarating, and I can't wait 'til next year!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moneh moneh MONEH

I got my very first genuine, authentic PAYCHECK today! As in, one for which I had to fill out a form a few months ago using Egyptian hieroglyphics and numbers that had absolutely no connection with their end use.
Anyway, it's not a ginormous amount of money, but it's more than I usually have in 2 months, so I get to do actual Christmas shopping as well as purchasing class supplies!
(Side note: I can't spell hieroglyphics right the first time, but the computer says 'ginormous' is an actual word. Go fig.)
Only a week and a half more of work and school, then Thanksgiving break, woohoo!

We did a pit firing today in Ceramics with our red raku pieces, and Mr. Sir said that the next pit firing (with the pieces that weren't ready today) we get to do ourselves. Wheeee! It was so much fun! Our 'pit' was a metal trashcan, and we used leaves from the parking lot and his house, shredded paper, and burnt down ...something from the last firing as fuel. My piece was in this go 'round, so I'll see Friday how that went. The glaze kiln also gets emptied tomorrow, so I get to see my ceramic babies on Friday. The problem is that we have to keep them in our rooms until December to free up space and prevent theft or breakage. Urg, to all who've seen my parts of the rooms. I need to clear off my desk in my free time tomorrow.

I'm rambling, and it's 1:30 A.M. Good night and sleep well.
Maybe next time I'm on here I'll talk about The Mumbler's most recent (evil) assignment in Drawing 2.

~Brilliance and Light

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We are experiencing technological difficulties

My computer is a hop and a skip away from the electronic equivalent of sitting in the corner and blowing spit bubbles all day. Piece of crap appliance!

You know, if a teacher has to put materials on reserve at the library, and his class is bigger and about 10, he should really, REALLY put 2 copies of the packet on reserve. I came in a few days ago and got started on the reading but the library closed before I could finish, and I had forgotten my laptop or notepad to take notes from the materials. So I came in today when I don't have class (although I still have 1 drawing to go, and it's the pastel one) and the kente cloth packet is checked out. I got most of my worksheet (i.e. mini-papers) done, but I need the packet to get the info about the meanings of the patterns and colors in the kente. Grrgnawgnaw.

Happy election day! Sort of. Not that I intended to vote anyway, but i just found out last night that when I registered to vote in the college Democrat/Republican voter registration drive, none of the paperwork for anyone got filed. Big OOPS for them. I'm just going to sit back and watch the history being made. It would have been nice to vote in the first presidential election I was able to, especially considering the historic importance, but oh well. I didn't get my absentee ballot on time anyway.

In ceramics news, teacher-person (Mr. Sir as one classmate calls him) is filling the glaze kiln, so soon I will have some FINISHED pieces! WOOT!!! There might x2!! even be room for my cabbage teapot to go in there! w00t!

Thanksgiving break is in, what, 3 weeks? Yeah. After we get back there is only ONE WEEK of classes, then exams. Holy cow, it's so close to the end! We're learning matting in Drawing 2, and I need to go get mattboard when my paycheck comes (end of next week, I think she said). All in all, I don't not enjoy working Phonathon. I'm basically a telemarketer (boo, hiss), but I understand the reason we're calling and I'd give to the college if I were an Alumna. That, and I get paid. Paid is goooooood.
My upper wisdom teeth are acting up, and I have an appointment over Thanksgiving to see the tooth-getter-outer to schedule a tooth-getting-outing during Xmas. Man, that's a mouthful!
Our Photo class is taking a field trip today, to document election day '08! (It also helps that he's scheduled us to have the Architectural & Historical project now.)
More on that later. Possibly. Probably.


Monday, November 3, 2008

funny pictures of cats with captions
This is me.

Or, at least according to Monkey, Sunshine, and our friend M from down the hall. Seriously, if you haven't checked out lolcats already you should. It's the ultimate in time wasters.
I have posts I want to write on the Haunted house and the Greenville Metropolitan Arts Council thing this weekend, which I will probably do AFTER Wednesday's Drawing 2 class is over. That's the one where I have 2 large, finished drawings due Wednesday, one of which I've not even started due to artist's block and not being allowed to work on my out-of-class assignment in class (duh, but that's 3.5 hours a-wastin').

more later, hopefully. Sophomores register for Janterm and Spring classes on the 5th ('remember, remember the 5th of November') and I probably won't get the last spot in the PE class I need in Janterm. Argh. For now I need to get down to the art building before it locks.

Bon nuit.