Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, our AC has decided to take its summer vacation again. For the past 3-5 days the entire system has been in an interesting cycle of Nada punctuated by burps of Semi-Cool.
Right now it's cooler outside than in here, humidity be damned.
Oh, and "nobody" broke the shower in the pink (hall) bathroom to the point where it won't go to shower mode all the way. C alleges that you "have to twist the middle handle, but not too far," and it will work, but so far that hasn't worked for me, so no cool showers to stave off the heat.

On a slightly less whining note, a good friend of Monkey's and mine from High School is currently on the other side of the planet. E-chan left for Japan Wednesday morning and won't be back until early August. She's staying with a missionary family, a career she herself has expressed interest in. (Japanese culture is another BIG point of interest for her, Monkey, and Monkey's and my future roommate, about as much as Harry Potter with me.) I'm happy for her, but all the same I'm going to miss her these weeks that she's gone.

The Klepto Demonspawn has managed a feat of epic and, to me, hilariously saddening proportions. She got herself kicked out of SUMMER SCHOOL. Tuesday morning I woke
to a call --on my cell phone-- from the school where the district holds the summer school program, informing me that me sister was in the principal's (or counselor's, I was a bit woozy) office. Said principal-or-counselor proceeded to rattle off an impressively long list of transgressions committed by said spawn that morning, including but not limited to death threats and written profanity. In her handwriting. That the woman on the other end of the line said, "looked just like her handwriting when she wrote, 'I did not write that.'" O. M. Effing. G.
Seriously, if you're gonna do something like that, child, learn to disguise your handwriting.
The phone cut out (Verizon: "You can hear me anywhere but your house or dorm room!") and they called the house phone. I had by this time woken up enough to wonder why that hadn't happened in the first place, but apparently the phone was busy.
Long story short, the principal-or-counselor talked to Mum, Mum got pissed, Mum picked up the miscreant, both Demonspawn have been hell for the ensuing time periods, causing much emotional, physical, and aural distress to all involved.

Tonight, Klepto got sick. I heard some weird noises from that end of the house (I'm on one end, though, so EVERYTHING is 'the other end of the house). Found out it was her. Poor thing. Projectile vomit isn't fun for anyone. I wonder what she ate.

Mum has given me a potentially VERY addictive link, so I'm going to stop there. I have more to say but it is less immediate, more nagging, and mostly less transient.

No, I'm not in a very upbeat mood, howdja guess?