Friday, February 29, 2008

Gone and Done It

No, I am not making rather horrendous musical allusions again. At least not on purpose.

Gone refers to the hair. On my visit home last weekend I went by Great Clips and asked if they were partnered with Locks of Love. They are, and since I had enough hair to donate (and the intention of doing so) I got a free cut. Friends and I had previously worried that my hair might not be long enough to donate.
We needn't have worried.
12 inches and a trim later, the longest hair on my head reaches around 2.5". Mwahahahaha!

The 'it' following 'done' addresses my having finally bitten the bullet and done a few things: a) planned out a fairly comprehensive schedule for the next 3 years here, assuming I do the maximum number of things I want to, major/minor/GEP-wise; then I, b) took it to my adviser, got advice, and declared my major. I am now a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Studio art (tentative concentration ceramics and photography) with an English minor. On top of that, I was elected the VP for next year for the FLAG group on campus (Friends of Lesbians and Gays).
Major hours: 73
Minor hours: 18
GEP hours: IDK, but there are way too many, IMHO. I hope they get reduced for the BFA students, so I'm not taking the less desirable ones any time soon.
I just hope I can keep up!

Talking with Monkey the last few days has left me nostalgic for both chickens and a garden. While zoning prohibits the former, our yard is more than large (and mostly unused) enough for the latter, providing my nostalgia can solidify and sustain until Spring Break at the end of next month. While getting a garden started requires more (productive) momentum than that of which most of the household is generally capable, I think that Mum, Da, or Buster especially could help maintain one if it was already started, and the Dibbonic Duo could definitely use a positive outlet for energy.
If Mum or I remembers to call the other later, I'll discuss it and, hopefully, get a garden started in late March. (Yes, Mum, as well as look for a summer job.)


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From chicken houses and gestational periods spawn...

Okay, I think I can stop laughing long enough to type now. Monkey and I were talking about a number of things (see the title of the post), and somehow got off on the topic of the mishmash menagerie that comprises my home kitchen. On this topic I observed that our hodgepodge even included a brain-shaped jello mold, which my dearest Mum has on a number of occasions used for Hallowe'en parties. Monkey (a pre-med biology major, mind you, who delights in what some would term the grotesque) inquired if there was actually gray jello, though, as the correct color and opacity are crucial to correct representation. I assured her that there was a method of producing such a color (quite a tasty one, too), though I did not know the method. Then the following conversation ensued:
Monkey: "But is there a way to make the white matter around it?"
Brill: "I don't know. I suppose."
M: "Because you'd need it for anatomical accuracy."
B: "True. Hey, if you made some white jello, chilled it almost completely, stirred it up, put it in a spray bottle, and thinly coated the inside of the mold, chilled it, then poured in the gray jello and let it set...."
M: "That might work....Did we really just have a conversation about that?"
B: "Yes."
M: "My Geekdom is solidified."

I love my roommate; she's awesome. Together we represent the Left & Right brains, according to a friend.

More laters, when I'm less lazy. Even though 2 of my classes in the next 2 days are canceled, I still have about 4 papers to either do or start. Fun.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Snips and Snippets

--I'm writing in the late night/early A.M. hours again, so in the event that I remember tomorrow, I'll have to revisit here and correct any egregious misspellings, sentence fragments, or dangling conversations.
Maybe musical allusions as well.

--One of the few things on my mind recently includes my hair, both literally and figuratively. It annoys me. However, it is by and large long anough to donate now, so very, very soon I will have spikeable-length hair again! (I have been a bit lax with the maintainance of regular trimmings, so the ends are a bit spare). A friend from class recently mentioned to me a barbershop in the area run by a lesbian and a gay man, and offered to take me there when i griped about my hair. I may go there, but from some of what she said I think it was one of the many barbershops not directly affiliated with Locks of Love, and if I am in charge of sending in my hair, I will graduate with that stuff still in a bag somewhere. Also, one of Monkey's "Big Sisters" (upperclassmen mentors) mentioned that if I get it cut at some places to donate, the cut is free. I am in college. I have no job. Free is GOOD.

--A local Presbyterian church offers free lunches after the late service to college students. I went with 4 friends last Sunday, including Monkey. It's been a while since I was in a Pres. service, but their Modus Operandi differed wildly from the church in which I was raised, and I don't think the differences were entirely PC/USA vs. PCA based. We, as far as I know, are going again Sunday.

--Mum is coming down tomorrow (today, by now) to see a cello concert at my college. She pays more attn. to some of the things at my school than do I. I look forward to seeing my Mum.

I had something else I wanted to say, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it is. My brain must be going in my old age...No, wait, that's just the ADD.

Au Revoir, mes amis,
~The Brilliant Procrastinator

(Oh, yes...I remember now.......
--In an astounding leap of boredom and procrastination, I spent a few hours this past week painting small, intricate patterns/images/scenes onto my fingernails with acrylic paint, with a protective coat of clear-coat over them. This is a matter of routine for me; whenever I am either utterly bored to the point of distraction (and will be for a few hours) AND/OR I have rather a lot of homework, typically of the reading/writing variety, I do the nail painting thing. I have yet to do my toenails in such a way, especially since I don't wear the one pair of open-toe shoes I (reluctantly) own. I foresee such an endeavor only in the event of an extreme power outage.)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Not the head!

--Monkey has her block.
For about as long as we've been roommates, she's had a campaign to stop my use of profanity (we tend to pick up each other's words, so the campaign is fully justified...just really hard for me to do). Whenever I cuss, she mimes an overhand, double-handed throwing motion and screams, "Throws BLOCK at your head!" (or some variation thereof). We visited a friend's room the other day, and she gave Monkey a stuffed, one foot square cube. Which Monkey promptly launched at my head.
It now resides at the foot of her bed, glowering at me in cyan and cerulean menace.

--On a lighter note, Mum's back! *and there was much rejoicing* She mentioned something about possibly coming up to visit this weekend, so we shall (hopefully) see her. My winter term break ended right before she got back, sadly.

--I FOUND THEM!!!!! After searching 4 stores, 3 sections of the last one, and asking 2 different people for help, I finally, finally found those wire modular storage things. They are 14.5" square wire grids you connect at the corners by means of round plastic joiners with notches in them. They are truly handy little things, and I got 2 boxes of them, even though with the current room set-up only one fits (I really need to finish unpacking from Christmas break...).

A bientot,
~Brilliance & Light