Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Or...something like that. The title exemplifies the current theme song of my brain. My delinquency in posting is not because of laziness or not caring, but because school has only 1.5 more weeks left, and teachers go *run students ragged!!!*

I got 4 hours of sleep Sunday night. I had 3 pp worth (first draft) of a paper comparing the visions and 'approaches to various authorities' of two Medieval Christian mystics for a Western & Eastern Civ(equivalent) class. (Freshmen requirement this year. Whoop. De. Doo. Interesting, engaging, but exhausting). Also, I had over half of a pattern project left to do for 2D design (very, very thankfully not due the next day, but I still had to have it mostly completed). I finished the 3rd quarter or the design proj. around 12am Monday. I began the paper at 12:30. I went to bed at 2, not even all the rough draft done. 6am I woke up and started typing, and was practically done by the time I had to leave for my 8:30 class. Worked on project during class break, and finished the draft over lunch (I rarely eat in the dining hall on MWF before dinner...I am a bad girl, but that's what they made PB and Butter Bread for).

That was Sunday P.M. and Monday. Tuesday (and as soon as classes finished Monday) was Sleep, Blessed Sleep. I am still working off a fairly massive sleep debt, compounded by:
Staying up until 3:45 A.M. in order to complete aforementioned pattern project.
Tomorrow is Thursday. I will Sleep. Maybe. Of course, I still have an entire book I have to read and compare to the ancient yoga Sutras & classic texts, et al. Friggin' Honors course is gonna drive me bonkers.

A happy note: Thanksgiving break enabled me to compile all of my music from my home computer login onto 4 CDs for transfer to my laptop, so now I have Panic! at the Disco, Carly Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, Superchic[k], and a bunch of other artists... in an extremely odd order, song-wise. Since I burned the CDs in the order in which I duped them onto the burnlist, one CD has the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack sandwiched between Carly Simon, Avalon, and Canyon. I barely remember how I got some of those songs in the first place. (There was NO OTHER WAY to transfer the music to my comp than the CDs...jumpdrives, MP3 players, etc. all required me to open My Computer at some point. Our home comp is a P.O.C. that froze so badly it required a hard reboot [i.e. I had to shut off the power strip for a minute or two...Ctrl/Alt/Del and End Program did nothing...buggering useless oversized calculator].)
But I have usic now, and also tons of stuff from Mum's collection. I *heart* Kingston Trio.

OK, I am going spastic. Au Revoir.
~Brilliance & Light

(P.S. The holes from wisdom teeth freak me out. I thought I had rinsed them out thoroughly, then last night I was rinsing with the syringe (that looks weird) and a little piece of broccoli came out. I haven't had broccoli since Saturday! Gah! Must. Go. Rinse. Holes-In-Head....)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just a note...

...because it's 1 am and I am tired. A bad idea for after wisdom tooth extraction: Getting the shivers. This causes the skin on the side of your face (you know, the tight, currently stitched-up-on-the-inside, swollen skin?) to pull in one direction. Ow.
One side of my face now looks like I have my typical straight-back angled jaw, and the other side is squared off. All in all, it looks kinda funny.
Oh, another annoying thing. Ever since before I was born, I have had odd bouts of hiccups. I get very strong, very loud hiccups for about 2-30 minute periods. Interspersed over 1-5 DAYS. It gets rather irritating, especially when I can't hold my breath the same way I usually do or open up the damned stitches.

However, today (or, yesterday by now, but you get my meaning) is a day of thanks, so I will ennumerate the plethora of things for which I give thanks:
I am thankful that my parnts saw fit to homeschool me when they did, otherwise I am certain I would have died of boredom.
I am thankful for medical insurance, without which we would be fucked.
I am thankful for the advances in medicine which have provided Oxycodone (I am wooooozy when high).
I am thankful for the medical advancements that have kept Le Batard alive, without which I am positive I would be down one very charming, if sometimes obsessive friend. That would not a good year make.

Sleep overcomes me, so to save my laptop from being inundated with drool, I bid thee adieu.
~Brilliant (or Something)

P.S. My Mum has made a few posts while in an inebriated state and has made comments about those providing more humor to the reader. I cannot and mayn't access alcohol, but mayhapse tomorrow I shall write an Oxycodone-inspired post. That stuff is good for what ails you, I'll promise you that!

I SO did not want to deal with this right now.

They say that God never gives you more than you can handle, but sometimes I think He might overestimate me.
As I said in my last post, I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning. I am now on Oxycodone and Ibuprofen, in preeeeetty dosages. ( However, my reactions to the former do not amuse nearly as much as those of the Over-Engineered. He is a HOOT on the stuff. ) I have only regained complete sensation in my lower lip as of this morning. The right side kept ripping some and going *bleed, bleeeeeed.* Bloody annoying, that. Ah, but I digress.

Yesterday late morning (about 11a-12p) I checked the website where my friend who had the car wreck (who, for reasons totally and utterly unassociated to his current condition shall hereby be dubbed Le's a looong story). Batard's condition had worsened, and he had twice almost passed on. Cue the hyperventilation. Thankfully the Flower was there as well, so I had a point of stability. We took the news to Mum and proposed a venture up to College Town to see him. She offered to drive that night if I was up to it. I was and we got there just as the last visiting hours ended, though we did get to see him. He so did not look well. He's now on a tilting bed to decrease the buildup of fluid in his lungs. Flower and I left notes in Batard's little visitor book, then we three girls went out for donut dinner. It was that kind of night.

All in all, for someone who had two hoiles carved in the back of her mouth 27 hours ago, I am doing extremely well compared to the males I know who had their W. teeth removed. I am not moaning on the couch for a week, for one. I also just now read an update on Batard's condition, and his lungs responded well to the new bed. This contributes greaty to my mental health and thankfullness. I'm really worried about him, and I am extremely thankful for any good news.

More later, if I can. On a side note, I currently weigh less than I ever remember weighing due to most of my diet for the past two days consisting of water and tea. Right now I have to go help set up for Thanksgiving Dinner. 8 people in a 5-or-so person house means we have to get creative about seating arrangements at times.

~Brilliance and Light

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ooh, nummmmmmmb

I had my lower wisdom teeth out today. Urg. I can't really feel anything from my lower ear down, esp. my lip. What I can do right now is taste blood and feel what will become pain soon if the Oxycodon (sp?) doesn't kick in soon. My friend the Flower is over here now and reading over my shoulder. (And correcting my typographical errors. They are many).
I keep rediscovering my tongue.

Thankfully I have pen, paper, and an approximately rudimentary knowledge of ASL, so do Mum, S, Da, and the Flower. (I have sworn to the Monkey that she WILL know at least the alphabet by the end of the semester. She at first scoffed...and now signs to me at times. Bwahahahaha!)

If all goes well recovery-wise, the Flower and I plan to take a trip up to my college town to visit our friend who is still in the hospital. I have not heard any updates on his condition.

Brilliant or Something

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What is this sleep of which you speak?

I'm not sure myself anymore. Urg. I go 'under the knife' for wisdom tooth extraction in less than a day, no new news on my friend in the hospital, and one of my oldest friends from home whom I have known for most of my life called me last night from work with more bad news. Her friend (FOAF) who had been living with my friend's family to attend the local tech college had been summoned home by her perents earlier this year due to health concerns of FOAF (long hist. of health probs). She had intended to come back at the Jan. semester to live with Friend again. Friend called last night to inform me that FOAF had suffered severe kidney problems and was in Critical care at the hospital in her parent's town. She starts chemo today.
See point one of Brilliant's version of Buddhism.

I need to call friend back and get more details. She called me from work and the call was understandably short.

One the good side, I GO HOME TODAY! I want so much to sleep in my own bed, even if I don't really have a room of my 'own' in the house anymore. I haven't slept well in 2-3 nights, and I can't take a sleep aid that the Dr doesn't have me listed as having. Bugger. Am considering undertaking major belonging overhaul over Xmas break.

Crap, gotta go irritate the laundry. ^^ Need the laundry to be CLEAN before I pack it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Um, hello.

Eegads, I hate initial posts. Such an awkward monemt. Ah, well. This is me, or the beginning of as much of me as will appear here. Blame my sudden emergence (in the blogosphere or otherwise) on my mother. I spend too much time on the computer as is, simply ask my roommate, and don't need another reason to be on here. Enh, read the title. 'Tis but the truth.

Thinking of the title, my brain goes off on a wild tangent (think stream-of-consciousness writers) about the origin of the title (accusations of aforementioned roommate) and veer off onto list of the accused from blog of the Mum, and I think that as soon as I regain power over my higher brain functions I will commence with the personalization of the blog.

For now, a few random observations (a.k.a. a summary of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. Really):
Life sucks.
Life sucks because you suck.
The sucking can end.
But only if you follow the Eight-Fold Path.

I'm really feeling the first one right now. A friend of mine is in the local hospital with MAJOR injuries from a car wreck (some S.O.B. hit his car, which was pulled off the highway, and ran off) and the most upbeat, optimistic prognosis I've heard is, if he's not paralyzed, he might be back after winter term. Bugger.

Well, I have homework, so I'm gonna go (that does not mean I will actually DO the work before dinner, note...)
~Brilliance & Light