Friday, September 26, 2008


The Honors Program held its annual retreat this afternoon, and since I am in the program and didn't have any pressing homework (that I could do...more on that later), I went. It's just an afternoon affair; we went to the Milliken facilities, brainstormed for a slogan and logo, and then ate lunch and played Cranium until it was time to leave. When we got back it was still raining as it had been all day, and I decided to stay down in the art building (incidentally, also named Milliken) and work or my extra credit Ceramics piece.
I planned to stay a few hours there, and since I'd told Monkey I'd be back shortly after dinnertime and before a campus event at 8, I gave her a 'ditch call.' The ditch call originated last year when it was fairly late at night and one or the other of us had NO IDEA where our other half was, so idea-less called the other and asked whether or not she was in a ditch. I'm usually the one on the receiving end, so I figured I'd cut out getting clay on the phone later to answer it. Anyway, I told Monkey I'd be back around 9. Yeah, right. The next time I even looked at the clock was a quarter of 10, and I didn't leave until ten 'til midnight.
I got sarcasm-ed at when I got back.

On a lighter note, I love my pot! I'm doing a cabbage-themed teapot for extra credit and I think I've put more labor-intensive work into this pot than the assigned ones. The leaf-edges are so thin that I have to routinely coat them with slip to keep them from drying out too fast for the rest of the pot.

My hair has faded considerably from the hot pink of 2 weeks ago. It's current combination of colors and shades has been compared to tie-dye (me) and shrimp (a photo classmate). Maybe it's a tie-dyed shrimp....

I need 4 more rolls of motion photography, and it has been too wet to shoot at all today. I totally misplaced the roll of film that I shot during the field trip a week ago, and that rankles me greatly.

More whenever I feel like it,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

(key music)

ToMOrrow, toMOrrow, I'll....... (dying notes)
...leave for Atlanta sometime after my classes have let out and HOPEFULLY make it in time to sign in at the hotel, get my ticket/pass at the con and still have time to rummage around in the dealer's room before keeling over from exhaustion or this migraine that's currently stalking me.
Man, that was a long sentence.
Anyway, everything is arranged, but not all the money is transferred to the people to whom it should be (namely me, except in one case). I really need to get together with those on campus who're rooming in the rooms I registered and get the money, or I will be walking around the con looking and not buying until I get paid back.

Photo class took a field trip to the park and downtown today. I hope the pics turn out well. It was fun, slightly informative in the photographic way, and highly informative in the I-know-where-more-things-are-in-my-own-town-now way. And he let us out 30 minutes early. Woot.

I went to an information session and signed up for an interview with Phonathon, the student-staffed calling center on campus that calls alumnae and parents with info on the school and solicitations for donations. Yes, I need a job that badly, but hey, I actually got off my rear and did something!

That's all for now, folks.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yes, I am still here, and I definitely have things to post about.

For one, I'm going to Anime Weekend Atlanta in one week!!! I enjoyed it a lot last year and have some money saved from summer work and savings bonds, so one week from now I'll be in Atlanta. I'm going with a bunch of other friends from school, including Monkey, and The Flower and her boyfriend will travel from the coast to go too, so I'll see them again.
A friend suggested that I cosplay the title character from an old anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena. The character has bright pink hair, brighter than I can get with straight-up dyeing my hair, so I'm going blond this weekend then I'll give the hair a few days and dye it pink. After AWA it's going to black or another dark color. I really don't want pink OR blond hair for any length of time. I've tried blond in wig form and I looked WEIRD. A few dye jobs, some short shorts, and a touch of tailoring on a secondhand blazer, and I'm ready to go!

In school news, I'm really enjoying my studio classes, though in the future I'll remember not to schedule any studio class right before another class! (I frequently end up going to Art History late and smelling of photo chemicals). So far I've taken a bunch of pictures, battled rather frequently with reels in the loading room; drawn hands, feet, heads, and some bodies without the skin on them; pinched pots and a teapot, and am now trying to make a large pitcher 'out of at least 2 basic (round) forms'... it's fun.
Mum came up yesterday for a visit; I was so glad to see her. We didn't spend as much time together as other times, because I had class but I'm very glad I got to spend what time I did with her.
The heat here is starting to get to me. It started to cool down, but now it's right back up in the hot and humid range. I want fall.

More later,