Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello? Anybody out there?

I love A/C. Really. I just don't understand why the dash is in there....
Anywho, I'm house sitting again, a short span this time, and I'm bored enough to blog. There's only so much SciFi I can read before my mind starts shorting out.
However, I come upon the problem of having nothing of any import to report; all major events are covered in Mum's blog, or if I DO have something about which I think, "hey, I should blog that," I invariably forget.
High points in my life:
+I have fewer than 365 days left as a teenager. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Neither Mum nor Da could say, either.
+I may, possibly, if there's room on the schedule, have gleefully gained gainful employment at a local pizzeria. Until I have to move back to Sburg.
+I have enough money to go to Anime Weekend Atlanta in September! I still need to get the ticket/reservations, but baring unforeseen fiscal disasters, I have sufficient funds. Which means more specialty manga, T-shirts with smart (-ass) sayings --see Mum's blog on Dad's Xmas gift-- lots of sugar, and possibly posters. We (Monkey, S if he does actually go, and some other friends) will probably stay in the motel/hotel we did last year. The only problem is transportation, and that may be solved if our other roommate, Sunshine, goes.

I saw Le Batard recently. He's doing much better, has his back brace off, and has been working out quite a bit to get back in shape. He lost a lot of strength in the accident and has been building it back up. Done a good job, too. He, Monkey and I went to see The Dark Knight the day after my birthday, and it RULED. Took almost 3 hours to do so, too! I love long, intense movies (NOT horror, that's Monkey's department), so that was an excellent movie.

E-chan gets back from Japan on the 8th, and the Flower gets back into town from summer classes on the 13th, so I'm having a birthday celebration a month late. All my siblings go back to school 1 week before I do so I have a week in which to hold a demonspawn-free party. Woot.
I cleaned the living room recently and got the kitchen a bit tidier (uphill battle, that room), so if I can keep them clean I should be able to have said get-together at home.

Mum looked at my schedule for next year (5 classes, if you don't count the class I intend full well to drop) and observed that the entire semester is nothing but art. I made the darn thing and I hadn't noticed that. I have Theatre, Art History (NOT with the Monotonous Teacher from Heck), and THREE Studio classes (Photog. 1, Ceramics 1, & Drawing 2). I also have nothing before lunch on Tu/Th, and nothing after on Fri. However, I am spending a collective 19 hours per week IN AN ART CLASS. Having had two of these teachers before and having heard horror stories about the workload from the third, I don't know whether to giggle maniacally or start rocking back and forth muttering incomprehensibly.

Well, for nothing that filled up a lot of space. One day when I have a VERY long span of uninterrupted time I think I may assemble a post on the subject of the perfect house. There will be lots of pictures, probably from houses around town. As oppressive as the town is sometimes, it has some real gems of architecture.

~Brilliance and Light

(BTW, Spellchecker says 'manga' should be 'mange')