Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I feel SOOOOOOO special

Mum and I went out shopping this morning. Along with some clothes for the interminably picky Hyperactive Hypersonic Demonspawn, we got me 2 5-shelf cheap-&-nasty shelving units. I just assembled the permanently affixed elements of one of them. That included screwing in by hand with a teeny, tiny screwdriver fourteen screws and hammering in heaven knows how many nails to tack down the backing. I sat the shelf up to put in the second and fourth (movable) shelves....
And I'd put the sides of the shelf on VERY PERMANENTLY with the insides facing out!!!
I feel special today. I swear it took Da (the *design engineer*) a full 3 minutes to really stop laughing at me.

On the bright side, at least it's put together sturdily for a $25 shelf, and I know what to do on the next one!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I will post a longer update later about how it is a literal miracle that I can dress myself in the morning, let alone pass exams.

For now, I am turning into Monkey. Honestly. I even asked -nearly begged- Buster for permission to step on his foot last night, a quirk of Monkey's. Urg. Enh, The two Brain-halves will see each other tomorrow at reading club. Along with Le Batard, our friend SuB, and old teachers and former classmates we haven't seen in a while. But now I am procrastinating when I should be baking, so I will leave this at that and go make Peanut Butter Cookies.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

They're spawning in my sleep!

My Econ/History class this semester has required me to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal for various and sundry reasons. One of those was to, this past Tuesday, present my illustrious teachers with a set of 5 articles pertaining to the legacy of the Great Depression, through how either New Deal legislation or programs affect the economy today. My main topic was how the Fed has changed it's outlook and responses, but that's a whole different kettle of fish. My problem now is, What do I do with 13-plus weeks of the daily WSJ?! Due to the frantic scramblings that ultimately resulted in the location of said articles, the paper now provided a more than decent ground cover for the better half of our room, i.e., I could walk from about 3 steps from the door, all the way around the pile of packed junk (more on that later), and over into my closet...without setting foot on my floor. Today also saw the imminent due-ness of two 5-page papers, one in mine and Monkey's 10 A.M. class (That Which Is Greatly Depressing) and one in my 4 P.M. Shakespeare class. We both got to bed shortly after 3 this morning, and after a 4-hour nap I finished my paper...before class (It is crap, and right now I really just want to get it over with). Shakespeare didn't fare so well. Due to mis-planning on my part and (*%*&$*&$%$#^%#^#%$#$^-ing) mis-labeling on JSTOR's, a large part of the (admittedly small) time I scheduled to do the Shakespeare paper was spent frantically scrambling for references for my annotated bibliography. Grrrr. I turn the paper in tomorrow at 4.
This afternoon I finally got around to dealing with the papers slowly but surely taking over the room (...the dorm, and one day, THE WORLD!!!!). They filled a Sterilite container, and are currently attempting to ooze out of the recycle bin a a pace slow enough that no unsuspecting passerby will notice. I kept a few in a neat stack to use as padding when I pack the last of my frangibles. And then I sat down...and saw more under my desk! And on my bed! THEY'RE SPAWNING!!!

In more scholastic news, I have a final exam project in the PE & Health class to "design your own wellness plan" while "being creative," and those were seriously the only concrete guidelines I've been able to suss out in 3 weeks. And it's due tomorrow before 12 noon. Woot. Whee. Goody. Joy.

As happy notes:
Also, Mum's coming down to take home stuff I've already packed and drop off boxes in which I can pack. While she's here we're going to see my Community Adviser (RA)'s Senior BA show downtown.
I also finally own a dictionary, and it was even free! the Math building is undergoing some major renovations this summer and next year, so the school is getting rid of almost all the books in many of the classrooms (Monkey got some free textbooks for future classes in one of her minors). I've had my eye on the dictionary that sat on the top shelf of one of the rooms since last year when I had a class there, and after double-checking I was told I could have it!!! <3 style="font-style: italic;">Webster's New International Dictionary, Second Edition, Unabridged. Sadly the first 30 or so pages are a bit distressed but the remaining 3,200 are fine. ^__^ The only fully missing page that I could tell was the one that told the publish date (I wanted to know), but the library has the same dictionary, and it says 1934. Monkey is used to my spasmodic happiness in regards to unusual or obscure literary or reference works, but our future other roommate got a bit disturbed by my spontaneous jig in the middle of telling her about it. Enh, well.

( In other news, the levels of sleep dep. amongst the interdisciplinary class have reached the point where everything is funny. One of the girls in the class said this morning that she was up so late last night that an empty trash can was funny. And I totally got it.)

Nodding off in the direction of the soda machine,

Friday, May 2, 2008

Monkey has threatened me with bodily harm if I continue to eat rice or Rice Crispie treats. She apparently has something against me disolving the lining of my digestive tract. I have slight gluten and rice sensitivities, and eating wheat, oats, and especially rice without a large portion of something else gives me heartburn.
I am a carb addict. This month I had a strong craving for Rice Crispie Treats, and got a box last time I visited Generic*Mart. Since then Monkey has harangued me every time I eat one (instances of which, I admit, I make sure she is aware).

Walking to class today, eating the last one from the box:
"Woah, it's making my tongue burn now!"...*munch*
"And you're still eating it?! I hope your esophagus melts!"

In other, slightly less harmful news, I will have 2 roommates next year. A friend of mine and Monkey's from the next floor up intended to get a single room next year, but so many upperclassmen went for them that even some Seniors didn't get ones. She also had an incredibly good lottery number (rooms are chosen by lottery), and Monkey and I are fairly certain we can live with her amicably. So we got a triple (in the dorm on the other end of campus from the art building, but on such a small campus it's still not very far). We went to see it and it looks really good; 2 rooms, 3 large closets, a ceiling fan (*insert Hallelujah Chorus*), and desks in that room come with hutches. Yay!

I'm currently (panicking about schoolwork) packing up some stuff for Mum to take back to the house when she comes either this weekend or the next. Both Monkey and I have a lot of stuff, and I especially have accrued a lot over the year by way of books especially (culled the clothes, though!). Don't really know where I am going to keep my stuff this summer since my room's become a storage room in part, but that will be worked out later.

Now to attack the mound of packing in front of me (and whimper at the mountain of assignments behind me).
~Brilliant...or something

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's okay, we're Art Students

Walking down my hall this evening, I saw our CA (Community Adviser) with two of my hall mates. The latter two lay on their backs while she photographed the words she had Sharpie'd onto their feet. Oh, I think, It's an art project. Cool.
I went over and nosed around, then as I walked back to my room she called out, "Hey, can I borrow your body this weekend?"
My instant reply: "Sure."

Honestly, it all makes perfect sense.